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Chow Lee Resume


Hong Kong native illustrator.





Established an illustration studio for the business in the 1990s. It was also an essential period in training myself as a professional illustrator under the pressure of concentration, completion and delivery for commercial deals. 

In the mid-nineties, I started to join different illustration exhibitions to communicate with professional peers and broaden my horizons.

(At the moment, the illustration was vigorous. Comics, movies & television, entertainment, publications, branding & advertising, and so on often use illustrations to deliver their ideas & concepts. These illustrations were made in traditional ways (hand-made productions.) 


千鿋年代開始參與插畫教學工作,由 2005-2012年,於澳門理工學院兼任插畫導師。同時亦於不同院校分享工作的苦與樂。


I started teaching illustration in 2000. I taught illustration as a part-time tutor at Macau Polytechnic Institute, Macau, from 2005-2012. I also shared the joys and sorrows of my professional life in many talks & events in different colleges in those years.

(The "cultural and creative industries" were the main development in the world in the year 2000's. "Illustration" was one of the primary cultural and creative professional subjects. It was my honour involved to promote and teach this discipline.)




Receiving the 1st Greater China Illustration Awards - The Best Illustration (Advertising) Award. At the same time, I also tried to hold illustration exhibitions with dual identities as curator and exhibitor. The Joint exhibitions that have participated in:

-1996: 《香港插畫師協會-31人展》(香港藝術中心 香港)

-1998: 《香港 | 澳門插畫聯展》(澳門)

-1999: 《香港插畫師協會-新世代插畫聯展》(香港藝術中心 香港)

-2000: 《韓國插畫會邀聯展》(韓國)

-2011: 《「英雄」插畫展》( 策展人及參展人 Part of Gallery 香港)

"Heroes Illustration Exhibition” ( Curator and Exhibitor/ Part of Gallery, Hong Kong)

-2012: 《港澳雙拼展》/ 策展人及參展人 /(澳門牛房 澳門)

"REtroduction Macau & Hong Kong Multi-Art Exhibition" (Curator and Exhibitor/ Former Municipal Cattle Stable, Macau

-2012: 《手繪回歸插畫展》(OOart Gallery 澳門)

"Back to Paint and Brush - A Hand Draw Illustration Show" (OOart Gallery, Macau)

-2013: 《光輝40李小龍主題畫展聯展》(Part of Gallery 香港)

               “Glorious 40 years, The World’s First Bruce Lee Art Show”  (Part of Gallery, Hong Kong)

-2014: 《港澳插畫交流展》(澳門藝術博物館 澳門)

               “Hong Kong & Macao Illustrations “ (The Macao Museum of Art, Macau )

-2015: 《Mad Styles Exhibition》(藝林畫廊 香港)


疫後,插畫業務重啓, 已是 2023年。 近年本地出色插畫師湧現,使我在插畫創作上不斷自我鞭策及挑戰。

( 近年藝術創作流行於建築物外牆、NFT平台上發表。各種藝術創作於這兩類不同載體上表現,像是各走兩極。樂於見到插畫作品應用於不同載體上,這年頭就是要接受新事物或新舊交融的表現方式。)

After the epidemic, my illustration business restarted, and it is already 2023. Meanwhile, the local illustration field comes with many outstanding illustrators in the market. They affect me constantly to motivate, drive and challenge myself in illustration creation.

(In recent years, the presentation of art creation has fallen into two platforms: The exterior walls of buildings and NFT (Non-Fngible Token.) Every art creation strongly engages these two platforms. They look to go separate into two extreme directions. However, I am happy to see illustrations applied to different new platforms. In these years, we have to get used to, accept and embrace any new and blend old and new matters.)

專業協會  Professional Society:

-1999:  香港插畫師協會創會會員

One of the Founding Members of the Hong Kong Society of Illustrators

-1999 – 2014:  香港插畫師協會專業會員

Full Member of the Hong Kong Society of Illustrators

-2001 - 2007:   香港插畫師協會司庫

Hon. Treasurer of the Hong Kong Society of Illustrators

-2012 - 2014:   香港插畫師協會副主席

Vice-chairman of the Hong Kong Society of Illustrators


1                                        2                                       3

(1,2) 漫畫-內頁與封面插畫 ( 漫畫公司"天下出版社" )

Comic illustration – inside-page and cover

( Comic Company "Jonesky Limited" )


(3) 電影海報插畫: "殺人者唐斬 "(1993)

Movie Poster Illustration, "The Assassin" (1993)

(4, 5, 6) 電影海報插畫"黑俠2 "( 2002 )

Movie Poster Illustration, "Black Mask II" ( 2002 )

(7, 8, 9)星空衛視: 不同影視節目插畫創作

Illustrations for different movie and television programmes (Xing Kong TV Channel)

(10)"香港影星II "郵票插畫與設計創作( 2001 )

Stamp illustration and design "Hong Kong Movie Stars II"

( Hong Kong Post Office, 2001 )


(11) "上海寳貝插畫系列"

《龍吟榜》第44輯 2010年最佳插畫( 公益類別 )

The "Longyin Review" Vol. 44 – The Best Illustration 2010

(Public welfare category) - The "Series of Shanghai Babe".


(12) 出版:《全方位插畫創作》( 2009 )

Portfolio Collection: "Chow Lee Illustration Showcase" (2009)

(13) 第一屆中華區插畫獎-金獎(廣告插畫類別)( 2010 )

The 1st Greater China Illustration Awards - The Best Illustration (Advertising) Award ( 2010 )


(14) 《英雄》插畫展 ( 策展與參展 )

"Heroes" Illustration Exhibition (Curator and Artist) ( 2011 )

(15) 《手繪回歸插畫展》( 2012 )

"Back to Paint and Brush - A Hand Draw Illustration Show"( 2012 )


(16) 香港知專設計學院

《創意多媒體插畫工作坊》海報/單張插畫 ( 2012 )

(2012年開始與香港知專設計學院 (HKDI) 合辦 "創意多媒體插畫課程"至今)

Poster Illustration, "Creative Multi-media Illustration workshops" Poster/leaflet (Hong Kong Design Institute) ( 2012 )

(To start and run the "Creative Multi-media Illustration Diploma" with The Hong Kong Design Institute (HKDI) from 2012 till today)


(17) 《港澳雙拼藝術展》 (策展與參展)( 2012 )

"REtroduction Macau & Hong Kong Multi-Art Exhibition"

(Curator and Artist) ( 2012 )

(18) 創作以《好孩子》為主題的插畫系列 ( 2014 )

An illustration series of "Good Child": One of the art pieces ( 2014 )


(19) 2014十大傑出設計師

A winner of the "Ten Outstanding Designers Award 2014"


(20) 角色設計 ( 2015 )

Character Design ( 2015 )

(21) 受邀到 吉林動畫學院 作客席講師和畢業禮頒獎嘉賓 ( 2015 )

As Visiting lecturer and Graduation Ceremony Award Presenter at Jilin Animation Institute, China ( 2015 )


(22) 以插畫師身份隨香港"荷蘭美素佳兒"團隊到荷蘭總公司參觀,

並制作一系列插畫( 2019 )

As an illustrator, to create a series of illustrations after visiting their main company in the Netherlands with the FRISO (HK) team ( 2019 )

(23,24) 跟不同公司合作推出 NFT 藝術作品

Cooperate with different companies to launch NFT artwork


(25) 創作以《老香港》為主題的插畫系列:

《九龍城》 《太平山老襯亭 (第三代)》

An illustration series of "Old Hong Kong":

"Kowloon City", "Victoria Peak Pear Tower (the 3rd generation)."


4                                                         5                                                6


7                                 8                                                          9


10                                                                                    11


12                                                                                    11

13                                                                                                            14


15                                                  16                                                  17

18                                        19                                                                              20

21                                          22                                                                             

23                                                                     24                                  25

Client List

Property and Hotel





Shopping Center

Branding and Packaging




Kerry Properties Limited 嘉里建設.  |

Cheung Kong Property Development Limited 長江實業

Link REIT 領展   |   Little Tai Hang   |  Shangri - La Hotel


Fox Networks Group   |   National Geographic

Pricewaterhouse Coopers China Holding Limited

IBM   |   Orbis   |   Airport Authority Hong Kong

HK Post   |    Hongkong Jockey Club   |   HKTDC

The Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB)   |   MPFA 積金局    |   MTR

Hang Seng Bank   |   HSBC   |   Charles SCHWAB

JPMorgan   |   Prudential   |   AIA

Swire Properties Ltd ( Taikoo Placce / Pacific Place )

The Elements   |   Miraplace



Manning   |   Whisper   |   Rennex Beauty   |   Pricerite 實惠

Friso HK 荷蘭美素佳兒   |   Abbott 雅培   |   Amoy HK 淘大

Eleva   |   Astellas   |   COFCO 中粮集團   |   HINO 日野汽車

Volkswagen Polo   |   New Balance   |   Nike

Hong Kong Broadband Network   |   Smartone   |   Fortree

PrimeCredit   |   UA Finance   |    PrimeCredit Mun Roads  門路


McDonald's   |   Wooloomooloo

Tsui Hang Village (Miramar Group)   |   Pizza Hut



Diocesan Boys School

Lui Che Woo Prize 呂志和獎

The Mills

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